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Campaign Feasibility Studies

A campaign feasibility study is a tool a non-profit hospital, healthcare system, or academic medical center uses to determine whether it should go ahead with a capital or endowment fund-raising campaign. It is essential for a hospital to assess the likelihood of success of a campaign before entering into it. A hospital that does not do so puts the campaign, the project for which the money is to be raised, and even the organization itself at risk.

Campaign Strategy and Management

Traditional hospital and health organization capital campaigns are quickly evolving.  Health nonprofits must rethink typical approaches to existing fundraising programs, be more efficient with resource deployment and develop more flexible capital campaign strategies. We work with our clients to ensure that the key elements for campaign success are in place.

Clinician-CONNECT Grateful Patient Engagement

Almost 90% of funds raised at hospitals, health systems or medical centers come from grateful patients who are referred to development officers by clinicians. A compelling grateful patient program and active clinician involvement is critical for filling prospect pipelines and building fundraising success. 

Fundraising Audits & Development Assessments

A focused development audit can assess current fundraising strengths and weaknesses, and consider where fundraising capacity can be maximized.  We use the fundamental principles of fundraising and organizational development to create personalized strategies and action plans to maximize results. 

Healthy Aging for Older Adults

We serve organizations that care for older adults every day in all of the places they call home, including home care, independent senior housing, assisted living communities, and skilled nursing facilities. With our Caregiver-CONNECT program, we can help your development staff maximize fundraising results.

Database Assessment and Optimization

We can help you maximize your database to better plan fundraising strategies and track effectiveness. We can also help you with database assessment, streamlining and optimizing your data, data migrations, and training.

Strategic Planning and Design

The world of health care is transforming rapidly, the reliance on philanthropy continues to intensify, and some health organization's strategic plans remain in flux as reform-related imperatives get in the way of setting priorities and long-term decision making.  We specialize in helping our clients find organizational agility and flexibility to deal with rapidly changing health developments and we help develop and operationalize their fundraising strategies. 

Employee Campaigns

Hospitals are often among a community’s largest employers.  Indeed, many hospitals are far larger than local governments – in spending and in employees. As such, hospital and health system employee campaigns can be very effective at raising significant dollars by giving employees the chance to make a contribution.  We show you approaches to give each staff member important ways to participate in hospital philanthropy. 

Major Gift Coaching

80% of donations come from 20% of donors. Major gifts can transform your ability to serve the community. We can help you develop or improve upon a program to help maximize fundraising results. 

Executive, Board, and Leadership Volunteer Engagement

Your organization’s executives, Board members, and leadership volunteers are in the best position to maximize your culture of philanthropy. We can provide training to engage these stakeholders and help them feel more comfortable with their critical role in philanthropy. 

Planned Giving Strategies

Planned gifts are a way for loyal donors to provide a meaningful legacy gift. Help you donors consider hidden opportunities by implementing a strong planned giving program.

Online and Social Engagement

Technology and social engagement is changing everything, including fundraising. A dynamic, mobile-friendly website along with social media will help you maximize philanthropic results.  

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Our Strengths

Successful campaigns and development initiatives as enhance the mission, image, and strength of the organization for lasting sustainability. Beyond our focused strengths, we offer services that are tailored to enable each organization to find their unique path to success, maximize opportunities, and meet special needs with advanced fundraising techniques.


We can help you

  • Evaluate fundraising activities and develop target objectives
  • Problem solve to create credible solutions and plans
  • Address HIPAA and patient privacy issues in fundraising
  • Create planned giving programs
  • Cultivate internal talent to maximize fundraising potential
  • Develop organizational policies and procedures
  • Build synergistic relationships with hospital marketing and public relations
  • Create succession plans, essential in the high-turnover industry of hospital fundraising
  • Construct donation and investment policies
  • Conduct professional coaching and mentoring
  • Organize stewardship strategies and donor retention activities


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